When it comes to birthday parties one of the most memorable celebrations for a young woman is her sweet sixteen. And while they might seem out of date, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

There are many milestones in life that symbolize a coming of age. And when a girl turns 16 it represents her first step into the role of a young woman.

For all of us at Sweet 16 Invitations it is a pleasure to be able to help you prepare for this journey. And we take our role very seriously. We understand that everybody is different, that is why we try and offer invitations that will fit most types of birthdays. Of course it is impossible to offer something for everyone, that is why we ask that you make a request.

It is our mission to help you find the right invitation for you sweet 16. And that means listening when you make a request. If you think we’re joking the new rustic options were added due to such a request.